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HGTV Here I Come!

Posted By: Shay Edney In: Interior design
Date: Tue, Feb 14th 2017 2:47 pm

If you had the chance to host your own HGTV show, what would it be called and what would it be about? I’ve got some ideas:

That’s What Shay Said

If you've seen the show The Office very many times you will know where the name came from. I have always loved that crazy show. Not only did they have some great story lines but they were also able to introduce a different type of comedy. Quirky and odd charactors, head scratching & and over the top humor. Great stuff! Now that we’ve established the show’s name, what is it going to be about? One of my favorite things about real estate is when I have the opportunity to stage / improve the look of a room. There's no better feeling than transforming a space and being able to help my client attract more attention at the same time. Each episode I'd work with a home owner that wants to sell but needs a little help getting ready. Imagine what I could do with the backing of HGTV! 


The Lighter Side of Real Estate

This is going to sound crazy but that’s the way I think. Each week I’d be dressed in a tailor-made suit, tobacco pipe in one hand (props only), legs crossed & sitting by a fireplace (preferably in a formal-looking study / the more boujie the better). I would do a dramatic reading from a hard-core hip hop song that describes one aspect of a home or anything real estate (clean version of course). Think Jimmy Fallon. If he had an HGTV show, that’s what this show would look like. What would it be about? FUN!

If you want to hire a service oriented real estate professional (and have some fun along the way), call me!

Shay Edney 
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