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Posted By: Dixie Hagan In: McClellanville Events
Date: Thu, Jun 8th 2017 8:39 am

Happenings in McClellanville S.C.


This week in McClellanville is the celebration of Buckshot Greene who passed away a year ago.  He and his sister owned Buckshots Restaurant with some of the best home cooking around the area.  There will be a celebration on June 8th at the restaurant with many of the dignitaries around the Charleston area attending.  McClellanville is a small fishing and shrimping town and Buckshot was at his element cooking at the restaurant.  His sister is quoted as saying when children came to the restaurant she would ask him how many children he had and he would say all of them.  Buckshot and his sister Miriam ran the restaurant together and it is still operating even though Buckshot isn’t there to oversee the cooking.

Anyone wanting a great lowcountry meal should check out Buckshots.