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Handmade details

Posted By: Sarah Marion In: Home Interior
Date: Sun, Mar 19th 2017 7:07 pm

There is a common theme throughout my home... Raw wood, old aged wood, new wood, painted wood, etc. 

I love a home project... it means more to me when something is handmade. So my bother is a builder ( he comes across a lot of great finds... one property last year had an old barn on it. So I asked him to keep an eye out for some good long pieces to make a barn wood valance for my sons nursery. Well, he found some great pieces to use and made a gorgeous dining table. Sadly, there wasn't any left long enough for the valance. 

Well, that wasn't going to stop me...when I get my mind set on something it is only a matter of time before I make it happen! I went to Lowes and had the best customer service---> ( I selected a large and long piece of raw wood to distress and stain to build the valance. Stay tune...


Sarah Marion