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When Is The Last Time You Felt Really Grateful?

Posted By: Jeanette Turner In: Be prepared
Date: Tue, Nov 29th 2016 12:39 pm

You know, sometimes we meet people in our lives that just make us feel grateful.  I met one this morning having my tires rotated and we talked about how she had taken a bad fall and was now walking with a cane and how her job is dangerous.  When I left her, I felt really a sense of gratitude that I'm healthy, able to play tennis often and that I don't have to worry about danger in my job which brings me to my blog today. 

It reminds me of something I've heard; that when our thoughts become our actions, which become our habits, then they become our destiny.  In other words, our actions and habits become who we really are.  When our thoughts manifest themselves to gratitude, we are enriched in so many ways, whether it be good health, family, friends, or our careers.  We act differently when we practice an attitude of gratitude.  We're kinder and gentler to our family, friends, and even strangers.

Think of all that you have to be grateful for and journal it daily.  Then if you're feeling a little down or grumpy because of the holidays, refer to your journal to lift your spirits and keep them soaring.