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How our dog "Goose" helped us find our house

Posted By: David Andrews In: Sunrise Park
Date: Mon, Jan 23rd 2017 12:31 pm

How our Dog "Goose" helped us find our house

Meet Goose, a very special member of our family. Goose is a treasure hunter by trade and a duck hunter by nature. There are a few things that labs need to survive. Lots of food, exercise, and lots and lots of water. They don't have webbed feet for nothing.

When goose was young, we would take her in the boat as much as possible and swim her several times a week. As life got busier we found that we did not have as much time for adventures in the boat but Goose still had her desire and plenty of time in her schedule to take a little dip. We found ourselves searching for quick places we could drive to that were safe for Goose to swim. Most of the beaches have leash laws or designated times when you can take your dog to run free. In my search I found a place called Melton Peter Demetre Park often referred to as “Sunrise Park”.

We are very fortunate to live in such a unique place that is surrounded with green space and amazing parks. It is quite a statement to say that Sunrise Park is by far my favorite park in the Charleston area. It is a very special place that has two swimming beaches for dogs, a great fishing pier with a 40’ floating dock, a saltwater pond, and in my opinion the BEST VIEW OF CHARLESTON HARBOR. Mayor Joe Riley once referred to sunrise park as the “Crown Jewel” of the Charleston Park System. As I mentioned earlier, Goose is a treasure hunter. She can spend hours trawling the bottom off the beach for a sunken
stick or a cool shell. While she is busy working, my son and I will search the        beach for sharks teeth. I continue to be surprised by how many sharks teeth we are able to find.

So… how did our dog help us find our perfect home. On our many trips to Surise Park, we began to explore the neighborhoods around the area. The things we found in the surrounding neighborhoods of Clearview and Eastwood were so warming to my heart. When driving around these neighborhoods don't be surprised to see lemonade stands, so make sure you have some quarters on hand. On one drive through the neighborhood, we saw two boys- one was pushing a lawn mower, and the other had a weed eater and a leaf blower in a red rider wagon going to make some extra spending money. The more people we met and the more time we spent researching these neighborhoods the more we fell in love with the area.

A couple of years ago, we bought our house in Clearview and could not be happier. The longer we are here, the more reasons we find to love neighborhood. Goose likes the short walks to Sunrise Park, and I love being able to put the boat in at the James Island Yacht Club without ever having to leave the neighborhood. So if you are looking for a home in the Charleston area, take a drive, find the things you love, explore them and keep your eyes open. You never know what treasures you might find. I can not thank our dog Goose enough for helping us to find this treasure at the end of Harborview Rd.

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