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Google SEO Update- No More Mobile App Pop-Ups

Posted By: Liza Valero In: Real Estate Tech News
Date: Sun, Sep 6th 2015 12:38 pm

Google made exciting announcements last week, 

for those of us that keep up with such (it's really a hobby, like metal detectors).

Google's new logo September 2015

First, new logo, pretty cool, I like it, my husband doesn't. What do you think? 

And a new, larger Search Box - (did you notice? Be honest!) - along with a cute new Favicon. I like them all.

Google's new Search Box and logo September 2015

            Google's new favicon September 2015

Lastly, and most importantly, is another announcement related to the Mobilegeddon. The change Google made affecting non-responsive website designs that keeps peeling like an onion, layer by layer. 

A little back story. Google changes its search algorithms on a weekly, or more often, basis. It is ever changing. Generally these changes are very small. Sometimes they are small, occasionally they are medium, and then there are the BIGGIES. That was until MOBILEGEDDON. There are companies and SEO specialists that pay close attention to all of these changes. Their website strategy is to follow what Google wants, make their pages, content, and tags match up, and then wait for the next change.

Google Penguin panda hummingbird and pigeonThat is a very good business model. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I just have never adhered to it. Because I have always built to deliver to the public the most relevant information about real estate related topics, those changes have not affected my search results. But there have been the major changes, PenguinPanda, Hummingbird, & Pigeon, for example, which made me pause and make sure I felt I was still on the right track. (If you would like to learn more about those Major Algorithm changes, Neil Patel, has a great site about that and more.)

Mobilegeddon, as you can tell from its name, was different. Mobilegeddon changed Google SEO as much as Henry Ford's introduction of the assembly line to cars. Not that it sped up the development of websites, as it had the building of cars, but that they both had pieces in different places, and they both made those pieces work together in a seamless fashion.

As is Google's custom, there was very little warning to the algorithm change. Those of us that had already changed to responsive designs were fine. But if you had a separate mobile site and a different site for viewing on a desktop or laptop, you were WAY out of luck. Those sites that were ranking very highly, all of a sudden dropped off the map. The SEO Pros scrabbled (those that weren't prepared), and got their stuff back in order.

Yoast in orange shirt illustrationYoast's blog illustrationThis week, Google came out with another requirement of MOBILEGEDDONDa Da Dahhhhh). If your mobile website has something called app interstitials, you are once again in big trouble, but they are giving you until November 1st to get it right. Yoast (SEO Master ExtraOrdinar, all hail Yoast!), describes it in much detail in his Weekly ReCap, so check out the deets there.  But to sum up, you know when you go to a website on your phone and the first thing that happens is that the website asks you if you want to download and use their mobile app? That is what a Popup app interstitials. Those always bug me so much, I am glad Google has decide to punish those sites. It is all about the ease of use for the public across all devices, and this was a lingering irritation.

Liza valero Yard SurfingIf you have read this far, you by now know that all ow this interests me. What do you think about the different changes? Do you think it is best for the public at large? Do you think it is good for business? Let me know!

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