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Go Surfing!

Posted By: Brad Thompson In: Recreation
Date: Thu, Jul 6th 2017 10:13 am

If you’re lucky enough to live in Sweetgrass or the surrounding areas, there a myriad of activities for you to explore on the water and stay cool this summer! In previous posts, I have discussed options for standup paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking, and fishing! However, one major water sport I have yet to discuss may be the most difficult but is also possibly the most rewarding; surfing.

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of giving surfing a shot, and while it isn’t something most people will pick up right off the bat, it is still a sport almost anyone can pick up with practice (and the practice is fun!). The only thing limiting your ability to get out and give surfing a chance is waves, obviously. While we are fortunate to have several beaches in the Lowcountry, for those of you living in Sweetgrass, Isle of Palms is your best bet followed by Folly Beach.

There are no shortages of companies in the area willing to rent out surfboards or offer lessons, however, some of them offer different services than others. Carolina Salt, for example, not only offers a wide range of rental options, but they will also come to you for your adventure, from Kiawah to Sullivan’s Island. Other companies, such as Ocean Fitness located on Isle of Palms, offer lessons for kids under the age of 18, for example. As I said, there are no shortage of these companies, the price is right for most, and I will list several of them below.

Surfing is truly something everyone interested in water sports in the Lowcountry should give a chance. It’s accessible to most and incredibly rewarding. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

Carolina Salt - (843)-452-4833

Ocean Fitness - (843)-559-6073

Sealand Adventure Sports (Sullivan's Island) - (843)-330-8156

Charleston Surf Lessons (Folly Beach) - (843)-452-5293 

Ocean Surf Shop (Folly Beach) - (843)-588-9175

Isla Surf School (Folly Beach) - (843)-813-7897