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Get Your AgentOwned Realty Website Doorway

Posted By: Liza Valero In: Real Estate Agent Training
Date: Tue, Jun 9th 2015 2:28 pm

For our AgentOwned Agents:

I am often asked how to get a Doorway (or website portal). The Doorway can serve as your own website, and is the best option for almost all agents.

The Doorway:

Fill in the FORM HERE.

It asks for your domain name, which is the name of your website. The form collects your name , email address, etc also.

In the form, you will elect to have us change the settings on your domain name or you do it yourself. There are instructions for both.

Either way, once that is done, your Doorway is complete. 

When someone types in your domain name, from your business card or other marketing, they are taken through your Doorway to your profile page on You can add images, text, etc to make that page your own. 

By using your Doorway, they have access to all of The Property Search and all the thousands of pages of content. When they register, because they entered through your Doorway, they are registered to YOU. They do not go into the Lead List pool.

This holds true even if they do not register the first time. If they come back again and go to rather than your Doorway domain, they are still assigned to you. It is a fantastic way for you top have the most up to date website but without having to do any work!

The cost is a one time $10 set up fee and then $10 per month. This is at cost, AgentOwned never marks up anything. The expense is added to your ledger.

So why wait? GET ONE NOW!