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Get Paid to Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Posted By: Liza Valero In: Real Estate Industry News
Date: Wed, Oct 26th 2011 12:33 pm

green home in country with solar panels on roof

Get grants to improve your home's energy efficiency.

There is a large push nationally to make homes more energy efficient instead of building additional power plants to handle the growing demand for energy. There are some interesting new programs being offered to assist home owners in retrofitting their home. In South Carolina, 

Energy Wise logoSCE&G is providing grants to home owners that improve their energy efficiency by 20% or more. These grants (or rebates as some call them) can total up to $2500. If you are in Charleston County, Charleston Wise logoCharleston Wise, a government funded company, is handing out grants up to $1500. neither of these programs require the money to be repaid. You will also qualify for a $500 tax credit now for retrofitting your home. That is a total of $4500 for Charleston County home owners and other counties in the state should not be far behind. Dorchester Electric Co-Op is providing low interest loans to cover the costs of the improvements and there are other offers across the board. 

How do you access this money? The easiest way is to contact Carolina Green Energy Systems. Based in the South Carolina Low Country, they specialize in doing home energy efficiency retrofitting and applying for the different grants and rebates. AgentOwned Realty has partnered with them recently to help educate their sales associates and the public about the energy programs available.

How does it work?

Carolina Green Energy Systems will inspect your home for $200 (which is covered by the grants once the work is done) and then outline a plan for making your home more efficient. They can tell you before beginning the work the rebates and grants that you will receive once it is done. Not only do they do the work on the home, but they also file all the necessary paperwork for you to be reimbursed.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home that needs some work, make sure to contact us! We can tell you if some or all of the needed repairs would be eligible for the grants. Also, if you are selling your home and know that it needs a new air conditioner or other related repair, contact us to see if that work could be covered under one of the programs. Then you can decide whether to do the work while you own it or pass the information on to potential buyers. It is important that you work with a real estate company, such as AgentOwned Realty, that is well versed in the programs to assure that you are getting the most from them.To find oput more about this and other related partnerships that AgentOwned has forged, check out our One Stop Shop page.

As energy costs become more expensive and the supply more strained, making your home energy efficient is critical to your sustainability. Contact us today to schedule your inspection or find out more information.