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Get In the Real Estate Game!

Posted By: Donna Andreano In: Charleston Home Sales
Date: Wed, Mar 1st 2017 3:17 pm

You've probably heard the saying for the lottery, 'you gotta be in it to win it'.  Well, it's the same with the Real Estate game.  First time homebuyers think they should WAIT to buy, WAIT to save more money, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT.  The truth is 'you have to be in the game in order to move up'.  Buy the home you're qualified for NOW.  It might be small, it might be in an area that doesn't have all the amenities you'd like BUT you have to have something to start building equity.  

Condo Life IISuppose you WAIT - chances are the mortgage interest rates will go UP and so will the prices of the homes.  I've shown many a 'first time homebuyer' who was afraid to 'get in the game'.  A few months later they see the appreciation on the home they passed up!  That type of home is now asking a price $20,000 higher than when they looked at it!  I have turned many 1st time homebuyers into 'home of my dreams buyers'.  

In the Charleston area rent prices are higher than most 1st time mortgages would be.  There are parts of Charleston where you can get a brand new home for $150,000.  Then there are some parts of Charleston you'll have to 'start' in a condo or townhouse.  

WAIT no longer...CALL ME TODAY...Let's get you 'In the Game!'