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Fishing Anyone.?

Posted By: Gary Buchanan In: Charleston SC Life
Date: Sun, Nov 20th 2016 10:25 am

I figure by now you all have read so much on Homes, it was time for a change.  If you are from out of town/state, and you like to fish, let me know.  Does the Charleston Area offer good fishing..?  I have been a “fisherman” for most of my life, so moving away from Illinois, one of my requirements was that I needed Water around me.  Boy……Charleston has fulfilled that requirement. 

So, where do you go fishing around the Charleston Area.?  We have many rivers, intercoastal waterways and The Ocean.  I am no expert, so I went with a group of 3 others on a Chartered Fishing trip.  We went out to the Jetties, then a small channel off the intercoastal up by Isle of Palms. 

  1. Jetties – It is my understanding the Jetties are man-made and were created to assist with keeping a shipping lane easily open for the shipping industry. I read that it was created 120 years or so ago.          
  2. Intercoastal – It would take me too long to explain the Intercoastal. Basically, it is a boat highway that stretches all the way up/down the east coast.  It is an easier way for boaters to navigate up and down the east coast, as you don’t have to go out into the Atlantic Ocean (mostly).


The 3rd area of fishing is, of course the Rivers....we have a few here, but I have yet to get out to them.  I hear the Spot Tail (some call them red fish) get up there and we know those are some good fish to catch.  I will post those adventures once I experience them.

If you are looking for a pleasure Cruise, we have that too so let me know and I can give a name or two for a nice time on the water:



If you are wanting to learn more about the Fishing in the Charleston Area, let me know.  I can give you some ideas and point you to a Captain that knows the area better than myself. 

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