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Fireplace Safety Tips

Posted By: Marsha Grimm In: Fireplace Safety Tips
Date: Wed, Dec 21st 2016 12:25 pm

Who doesn’t love a cozy fire crackling in their wood burning fireplace to help keep their house warm or just to enjoy the ambiance but without following basic safety tips those beautiful flames can be dangerous or even deadly.

  • Chimney fires can be caused by the buildup of creosote created by the gasses from the wood as it builds up to the side of the chimney walls.
  • If you think the smoke coming out of the chimney looks like more than normal there may be a fire burning inside.  Sometimes flames may start shooting out of the top of the chimney, in which case call the fire department immediately.
  • If your vents aren’t working correctly, carbon monoxide may be leaking into your home.  You need to be sure it is venting up the chimney and out of the home.

Have your fireplace, vents, and chimney inspected and cleaned once a year, no matter how often you use it, to enjoy worry free warm and beautiful fires throughout the season.

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