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Top 6 Home Maintenance Items for the Fall

Posted By: Scott Fulton In: Home Maintenance
Date: Mon, Sep 25th 2017 4:09 pm

Fall Home Maintenance

It may not feel like it, but Fall is here.  The weather will HOPEFULLY start getting cooler over the next few weeks.  For me, the cooler weather is a time for me to get outside and do some house maintenance.  A list of a few items that I check for:

1.  Check your dryer vent for lint on the exterior of your home.  If there is lint, clean it out to allow for better airflow.

2.  If you are not setup on a twice a year preventative maintenance with an HVAC company, I would highly recommend it.  You want them to come out early Spring and Fall to check over your exterior condenser unit and interior air handler.  The average price is $110-150 a year for a contract. 

3.  Exterior stairs, deck, or porch boards- Check to verify nails aren't popping or boards are not loose.  If so, fasten down with some new deck screws or hammer down the popping nails.

4.  Any exterior painting that needs to be done?  This is the time of year to do it while it is not 110 degrees outside! While doing this check for any areas around the house that may require some caulking or wood filler.  

5.  Power Washing your siding, driveway, sidewalks, decks, and porches can also help keep the nice curb appeal of your home!

6.  Landscaping - Pruning your shrubs and applying any Fall/Winter fertilizer.

Preventative maintenance now can eliminate costly repairs in the future! 

As always, please keep me in mind if you, your friends, or family have any real estate needs in the Charleston area!

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