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Easter Table

Posted By: Sarah Marion In: Holiday Season
Date: Thu, Mar 30th 2017 1:00 pm

With the change of season and Easter around the corner... I find it is a great time to get the house SPRING ready! At our home that means fresh flowers, spring linens, lighter color decor (table runner, wreath, etc.) and of course Easter eggs.

This year with a mini human aka toddler running around I have had to tailor my spring decor around her. For example using paper grass instead of plastic grass in the Easter baskets. Just in case she decides her baby brother wants to taste the grass... Also in my decor I used paper Easter eggs... Should they get thrown no one will be hurt and no eggs will be broken. Further more the brown paper eggs match the raw wood look of my dining table.

Other than the wreath choice the center piece on the dining table speaks volumes to the tone for the season. So I am using a cotton table runner with an elegant pattern in soft tones (gifted to us and I love to bring it out in Springtime. It's from pottery barn. Here is a link to their Easter decor, an iron crown (that was a Christmas gift from my sil) filled with some moss balls and a cream vase filled with the paper grass and Easter eggs. Don't you think it looks great with the rustic look of our table? (useless on information about the table its like 10 years old.. my husband had it when we met)10

I must include there is nothing like a gorgeous flower arrangement.. and this time of year there are so many beautiful flowers blooming. BUT my 9 month old likes to pull the flowers out of the vase and his sister (my toddler) helps.! Quite a team at taking down center pieces....

For my spring flowers outside the home I love to go to Abide A While Garden Center on 17.

Check it out: (