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Dresser- Nautical Nursery

Posted By: Sarah Marion In: Charleston Mom
Date: Mon, Apr 24th 2017 1:08 pm

In my previous post of the wooden valance in my sons nautical nursery you may have seen the wooden dresser I hand painted.

If you are looking to do something similar- you can visit for some similar items. Then I personally love for all of my art supplies and for great inexpensive knobs:

This particular dresser I got from my parents, it was my dresser from my childhood.

Originally-pale yellow with brass pulls. Lovely but not for the nautical nursery. I wanted the dresser to appear as though you were looking out to a view from the ocean. This is what I imagine your view would be living on Isle of Palms.,pf_pt/32.785094,-79.787928_ll/45902_rid/2-_beds/700000-_price/2603-_mp/globalrelevanceex_sort/32.789854,-79.779088,32.770009,-79.806983_rect/14_zm/,pf_pt/45902_rid/2-_beds/700000-_price/2603-_mp/globalrelevanceex_sort/32.789854,-79.779088,32.770009,-79.806983_rect/14_zm/,pf_pt/10935667_zpid/45902_rid/2-_beds/700000-_price/2603-_mp/globalrelevanceex_sort/32.789854,-79.779088,32.770009,-79.806983_rect/14_zm/

nautical dresser

After sanding down to the raw wood I painted all of the drawers the same color.

The top and sides are painted with layered acrylics, oils and a stain to mimic the movement of water.

Once the drawers dried I was able to add the clouds, sunshine, sailboat, fishermen, whale tail, birds, and ocean.

I love how playful this turned our for my little boys nursery!

Just a Charleston mom getting creative! As a realtor I like to do the same for my clients. Using my back ground in design it allows me to help clients visualize their style and a spaces potential.


Sarah Marion