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Drain Issues in the OV

Posted By: Patrick Gallant In: The Old Village Mount Pleasant
Date: Thu, Aug 3rd 2017 2:08 pm

The Old Village in Mount Pleasant has unfortunately been a victim to some serious drainage problems and outdated systems.  Last week, the city met to discuss these issues and they have yet to reach a solution.  They have, however received a more accurate estimation of the costs associated in remedying this inconvenience.  A recent study concluded that the cost to fix the storm-water flooding issue is estimated to be over 25 million dollars.  This $100,000 study suggested that the small area of the Old Village has about 2 dozen drain basins which all empty at the same location.  They concluded that there are roughly 900 homes that are among the 2 drain basins that are the most vulnerable and need the most severe improvement.  Unfortunately, the costs of fixing this disaster are astronomical.  They predict that they will need nearly 9 million dollars for these 2 drains alone, which is an average cost of about $10,000 per home in these regions.  The irony of this large figure is that it is almost the cost the town would collect in drainage fees for the entire 80,000+ population in a 4 year span.  The money to fund this enormous project is just not there and the committee estimates that it will take roughly 4 years to design, review and permit before construction takes place.  Because of this future project, the committee has decided that they might need to implement more strict restrictions on the subdivision of lots and construction of accessory dwellings.  They fear that if the neighborhood continues to lose more ground, than their drainage problem will only get worse.  Many committee members do not want to create further restrictions for current homeowners, but they have to consider the big picture and what's best for the well being of this neighborhood's future.    For more information on this development, real estate inquiries, or all things Old Village, contact Pat Gallant at 843-790-4PAT