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Don’t Forget About Your Garage When Selling Your Home

Posted By: TheMikeandJeanne Team In: Sellers Information
Date: Wed, Jul 15th 2015 12:24 pm

Remember Your Garage When Selling Your Home

Do you need to think about the condition of your garage when you’re getting ready to sell your home? The answer is yes!

  • An organized garage tells the buyer your home has been well taken care of.
  • Your garage should be as attractive as all of the other rooms in your house.
  • Make sure your garage has adequate lighting and the floor should be clean. If there are stains on the floor, painting it would be a plus.
  • Check to make sure all of the garage doors work properly and replace any that do not.
  • Get rid of things that you don’t need any more. Garage sales are a great way to do that and the whole family can be involved in the process.

A neat, clean garage always looks larger and that’s a big selling bonus!