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Doggie Dilemma? Get your home sold faster with these practical tips for pet owners.

Posted By: Shay Edney In: Pets and real estate
Date: Thu, Jul 14th 2016 8:58 am

No one loves their dog more than me (I mean, take a look at that cute face), but when it comes to selling a home, there are many things to consider for ensuring your home shows at its very best.

Shay Edney - dog

  1.  Temporarily Relocate – I know, this may sound crazy to you but it will be much easier to sell your home if your pet is not present during showings. See if a family member or friend is able to help out for a few weeks until you can secure a contract. If this is not an option, try to remove the pet during scheduled showings. This is the best strategy to allow buyers to see and experience the attributes of the home. Take Max for a walk or see if a neighbor/friend can help out.
  2. Eliminate pet odor - I was viewing a property recently in a very nice neighborhood and as soon as I walked through the front door, I was greeted with an overwhelming urine odor. No wonder this house has been on the market longer than it needed to be. If the damage is too severe, I would recommend replacing the carpet/rugs. Sense of smell is very powerful and this will deter potential buyers.
  3. Remove any signs that a pet lives in the house – When you have a showing, ensure that the doggie gate is taken down, put toys away, and remove pet hair. Pick up any potential surprises from the yard. Repair any/all other damage from the pet.

Selling a home can be very traumatic to a dog with unexpected guests invading their space. As a dog lover myself, I will help you through the process and make the experience better for all involved.