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Does Your Garage Look Like Mine?

Posted By: Donna Andreano In: Decorating
Date: Mon, Aug 14th 2017 4:09 pm

Collecting Treasures with BubbaI like to decorate my home. I like art. I also like to create things...from other people's stuff they no longer have a need for. Yes, my name is Donna, and I have a collecting problem. My neighborhoods have facebook pages and a lot of the posts are for 'curb alerts'. They throw out 'perfectly good stuff'...all the time. I'm sure I can blame my parents for sending me to Catholic school. The nuns told us it was 'a sin to throw away' food and I've simply carried it over into all aspects of my daily living.

When my kids were little I used to make and sell painted clothing, hair barrettes and whatever other craft I was into at the time.

I can look at something and see future beauty, great art, a one of a kind 'something'. Some of the things I've 'collected' are from The Sustainable Warehouse in N. Charleston. 

The only problem is...I have so many good ideas and executing them comes a lot less often than the ideas. It's HOT in the garage in Charleston in the Summer! Which reminds me of why I didn't continue making cement planters. I bought the Portland Cement as specified in the youtube video. However, no one warned me about keeping the 'paper bag' of cement in my HUMID garage. Yes, I had a 94 lb. door stop. I had used some and the rest turned to stone in the humidity. A mere roadblock. Now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to convince my husband that we should invest in another 100 lb. bag.

And I don't just act on one idea. I have a multitude of ideas I'm working on. I have a collection of glass vases and such that I'm applying a finish to in order to make them look like Mercury GlassI have a collection of Chalkboards that I've made and haven't taken the time to sell yetI'm collecting moss from bricks, tree roots and sidewalk cracks to 'age clay pots' and yes, I look strange putting my specimens in a plastic bag. One time, I was walking Bubba and reached down with my bare hand to pick up some moss and then I put it into one of his (empty) 'poop' bags. I realized afterwards the cars that were stopped at the light must have thought I was CRAZY! It didn't dawn on me that they thought I was picking up poop with my bare hand! 

I'm much better at following through on selling homes from start to finish! Contact me and I'll help you buy or sell a home.  And we can share crafting notes too!

Donna Andreano