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Do Your Business Card Get Noticed??

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Date: Wed, Sep 21st 2016 9:32 am

In the business profession there are so many business cards! Why do you think that yours is going to stand out above the rest when there are potentially hundreds of business cards you will see a week? There are simple rules to follow to keep your business card on the top of the file and at the utmost of people's attention. 

1. Poor quality cards are the absolute first to get tossed! When you go to your local office supply store and spend $5.00 and design yourself and print at home, your run the risk of having a business card that is less than par. They may look great, but they don't feel great. Spend the money to have the professionally printed on card stock paper with embossed logos and such. A business card can only appeal to two senses, sight and touch. Don't lack on one of them.

2. Do not make people guess what you do! Make your business card clear, concise and not convoluted. Also, make sure that your business' logo pertains to what your business does. 

3. Why should customer's do business with you? Tell them!

4. Use the proper 3.5 x 2 inch business card. You can use any variation of this size, such as die cuts, and shapes, but if someone can not fit it in their wallet it will inevitably end up in the trashcan. 

5. Do not use too small of print, most people have to wear reading glasses! Make it easy to read! Also, information overload is not always best. Give the general information needed, get your point across and make it clean. 

6. Always make sure you include your email address and websites! These days, so many people do not want to make a phone call. They want to email or visit a website, so let them communicate how they'd like. 

7. DISTRIBUTE! Your business card does no good sitting in your wallet or a box! Get out, network, talk to people and hand out those gorgeous cards!

Follow these simple rules and you will undoubtedly get you, and your business card noticed!

Leah Ortega


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