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Do You Really Know What a FROG is?

Posted By: Robert Judy In: Buyers Information
Date: Wed, Aug 17th 2016 12:36 pm

There have been many discussions over the years as to what classifies as a FROG, and I'm not talking about tailless amphibians. Breaking down the acronym “FROG”, you get an idea of its meaning; Finished Room Over the Garage.

Okay that seems simple enough right? Well it’s not quite that black and white, there is definitely some grey. As appraisal expert Matt Surles said “A FROG is not in the functional flow of the house. A FROG is not included in the square footage of a house. A FROG must have a stairway in or outside of the garage, that is separate from the inside of the house. A FROG also doesn’t have AC or heat. When looking at a house on the MLS, a FROG is actually supposed to be separated in the MLS from the main GLA (Gross Living Area).” Next time you’re looking to buy a house make sure the FROG is not included in the square footage, because that can save you money!!