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Dinosaurs in the Sky

Posted By: Ute Appleby In: Island Living
Date: Tue, Nov 29th 2016 1:58 pm

Dancing dinosaurs in the sky      

Clouds .....ahh  ! …let me tell you about one of my most favorite things to do here : 

There is no better spot in time than lying on the sand at Sullivan Island or Isle of Palms and look up in the sky and dream…. dream up shapes and symbols and people and creatures floating above me. And then I wonder what it would fee like to just climb on one those particular fluffy clouds and glide along…..

Clouds take on shapes and forms of all matter of things, some obscure and others quite clear. One wonders, if those images one sees in the clouds can foretell what’s to come.

Can they be an indication of your current state of mind ? There can be imaginary shapes of angels, and babies and dancing ballerinas. Sometimes bears and cats and elephants, and even dinosaurs. Or faces, cars and buildings or simply circles. What does that all mean ? Are these dreams and insight of one's future ? Are they mystical symbols of emotions, of feelings and celebrations ?! 

Or is "cloud" reading just a state of happiness and relaxing and joy of life ?

I don't know. But what I do know is that every time I drive over to Sullivans Island or the Isle of Palms, I feel like I am on vacation, in paradise, disconnected for a moment from the hectic and troubles of the world. Here I find peace and solitude.

And so I hope that you come and visit our beautiful area and let me show you property on on islands. Maybe your are looking for vacation home or your new primary residence. And you want o come to enjoy the sun and the very moderate climate all year around. Enjoy the beach, the many activities, theater, music, art, museums, and restaurants and of course, the beautiful Holy City of Charleston, SC which is just a 25 min drive away.

I invite you to visit my website to search for property on our beautiful islands. Feel free to contact  me at  843-345-2625 me or via email  . Tell me what you are looking for and I will assist you to find a piece of paradise so you can all  it  your own. 

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