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Differences Between Living, family and Great Rooms

Posted By: Patrick Gallant In: AOR Agent Help
Date: Wed, Sep 21st 2016 1:42 pm

The vast majority of the public along with many veteran realtors most likely still need some clarification on the differences between a living, family and great room. They are similar enough for us to rightfully get confused from time to time but are different enough for us to educated on their differences. A family room is the room that people gather to to hang out, watch TV and relax and is usually located next to the kitchen. The family room is typically the most used room in the house and is often just an extension of the kitchen itself. The living room, however is more of a formal room that is used more so as a sitting room or parlor. Another big difference between the living and family room is where they are located in the home. The living room is more commonly designed to be in the front of the house where family rooms are traditionally designed to be in the back of the house like the kitchen. The great room is way more common than we think and is probably erroneously put into MLS (not by AOR agents) as a family or living room. The great room is usually located in the center of the home and functions as a combination of both the living and family room. Great rooms typically have very high ceilings, many windows and are often times connected to the entrance way of the home. It is important for us to realize these small differences and understand that the functionality of these rooms varies depending on the owners usage...but the general location of these rooms in the floor plan does not.