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Did I really just use the word hopping?!

Posted By: Marthe Teixeira In: Date Night
Date: Mon, Jun 26th 2017 6:54 pm

When my husband I relocated to Mt Pleasant we did not have any family down here.  Which means our Friday and Saturday nights are consumed with Mickey Mouse Club house until 7:30P.M then wrangle the kids into bed for night time.  After that if we aren’t exhausted and falling asleep it is time to relax and watch Netflix or my guilty pleasure realty TV.  While relaxing is great it is sometimes nice to get out and communicate with the outside world.  Not too long ago we all went out for dinner on a Thursday night and the restaurant was hopping. The first thought I had was did I really use the word hopping?  No, but really, I thought I am THAT disconnected from the outside world I forgot how busy restaurants are on Thursday nights?  Thank goodness, my mom is in town visiting, because it allowed my husband and I a kid’s free night out. Charleston has so much to offer for restaurants, cafes and bars it is really endless.

When my husband and I first went out without our first daughter, we would talk about her nonstop. If we weren’t talking about her then we were scrolling through our pictures, “aww look at this picture first time she clapped." I know all you parents reading this can relate to that!   Now having two daughters under 2.5 years old life is a little more chaotic and going out has become a little less.  We now cherish the time and the company we are with and really enjoy our surroundings when we go out.   We are more present and even put our phones down and take it all in. 

My husband and I went to Tavern and Table for drinks this past Saturday. Normally when we go we are either endlessly trying to entertain our 2-year-old from not having a meltdown (origami with a napkin can only be so exciting) or shoveling food down our throats so fast we don’t even have time to even taste it. How nice we thought would it be to actually relax and have some drinks and appetizers.  I love going to places by the water because I didn’t have that where I moved from.  When we lived in Waltham, Mass sitting by a stream on a pavement patio at Margaritas was considered not only a view but one of the few places with outdoor seating.  Another reason why I love living in Charleston, so many options to choose from!  From sitting by the water at Shem Creek, beautiful historic downtown (a foodie’s dream) or one of the many local’s favorite restaurants in Mount Pleasant.  Here is a list of 15 restaurants that are great for dates to check it out just click here

We sat by the water at Tavern and Table enjoyed all the people watching.  It was fun to see all the boats pulling up to dock, people paddle boarding in the water and everyone out enjoying the night.  It was such a gorgeous night with the sun setting over the water, it really put a smile on my face!  I posted the pictures below to my Instagram and captioned it, “Does it get better than this?”  I really don't believe it does, I love that we made Charleston our home.  I look forward to working with those that want to do the same.