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College of Charleston

Posted By: Robert Judy In: Charleston history and stories
Date: Mon, Aug 29th 2016 1:48 pm

College of Charleston was founded in 1770, in the center of historic downtown Charleston. Even as a local, the campus can be hard to locate because of how well it blends in with the city. College of Charleston, commonly abbreviated as CofC, is a liberal arts school that focuses not only on making you great at whatever you decide to pursue, but also strives to make you better as a well rounded individual.

Besides the beaches and near perfect weather, I think what brings most people to CofC is the warm welcoming nature of the city and the students. One walk around campus, and you get this feeling of youthful nature connected within the city. The center of campus is an opening called the Cistern where the same graduation ceremony has been taking place since the schools establishment. College of Charleston's graduation ceremony doesn't involve typical black caps and gowns. In our ceremony all the gentlemen are dressed in white suites, and the ladies are fitted in white dresses. Being a graduate of College of Charleston's class of 2016, I can tell you that Charleston would not be the same without College of Charleston in the heart of its city.