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Collecting Treasures Part II

Posted By: Donna Andreano In: Decorating
Date: Wed, Aug 23rd 2017 1:06 pm

Well, I'm still at it...facebook curb alerts, peering down side streets, tossing things in the back of my husband's pick up truck. I am taking the first step by saying, I have a trash collecting addiction. I can just 'see' how wonderful these objects can be with a little paint, moss or yogurt.  

Yesterday, I started the 'grow moss on terra cotta flower pots' project. I read all that Google had on the subject. I took Bubba for a walk to collect the number one ingredient: moss. I had a plastic spoon and a bag and looked along the tree bases and brick walls. I'm sure people thought I was strange bending down and 'scraping' with my plastic spoon, and then putting the specimens in my plastic bag. I mixed the moss with the yogurt and added a little beer because a few sites mentioned using beer. I guess it's the yeast. I painted the mixture onto the pots and set them outside in the 98 degree 'shade' in a plastic bag to keep them moist. I put them outside because they mentioned a possible stench - what I didn't read in any of the posts is the number of 'flies' that might find the stench attractive! We'll see how this project goes. I've included the moss/yogurt painted pictures in this week's slideshow. They also didn't mention doing this in an area with 100 degree weather. As I said, we'll see how this pans out. Not that I'm going to sell them or anything. I just keep making things and stashing them in the garage. 

So I'll decorate my garage with the moss pots, the mercury glass, chalkboards and miscellaneous pieces of furniture. 

I promise I won't give you any of these 'treasures' as a house gift when I help you buy a home! Contact me Donna Andreano and we'll start looking for YourHomeInCharleston with a GARAGE!