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CODEcamp Kids

Posted By: Joe Parks In: Low Country Living
Date: Wed, Mar 8th 2017 1:53 pm

Last week’s post discussed the Charleston Digital Corridor’s CODEcamp program, an innovative idea for enhancing the long-term growth environment for our local tech industry. The program has been successful for the local tech firms in securing local qualified individuals to fill needed employment positions and equally successful for the graduates of CODEcamp in seeking meaningful futures in this fast-growing sector of our local economy.

Forward-thinking Ernest Andrade, Director of the CDC, looked beyond the nearer- term employment needs of the local tech industry. The result was the introduction in 2015 of CODEcamp Kids. The pilot program was a summer camp for ages of 10-14 years. Thirty-five kids participated, almost evenly divided between boys and girls. Over 10% were minority students.

Its success led to the announcement the following fall that beginning November 7, 2015, the program would be held year-round. Classes were held on alternating Saturdays at the CDC’s Flagship 2 tech incubator in downtown Charleston.

CODEcamp Kids has demonstrated what a diverse 21st century workforce could be like with a dedicated industry and community-supported effort. Mr. Andrade states, “Our goal is to reserve 25% of the CODEcamp Kids seats for under-privileged children which we expect to be supported by local individuals and businesses.”

The CDC’s overall goal for CODEcamp Kids is to empower Charleston youth to explore their creativity and innovation by learning the fundamentals of web development.

The local tech industry is already giving back to a community that has shown its wonderful support…. And everyone benefits!

And, so will the local real estate industry in the years to come. The high paying jobs and resulting buying power for homes will continue, contributing to a thriving economy. Again, everyone benefits!

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