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Coastal Vegetation on Sullivans Island

Posted By: Ute Appleby In: Sullivans Island
Date: Wed, Nov 2nd 2016 10:20 am


Aside from the striking natural beauty that plants provide, they are crucial parts of beach ecosystems. Plants are among the first forms of life to inhabit beaches and dunes. Once plants have taken root, sands begin to stabilize, slowly at first, then faster as more plants take root. Plants serve as habitat for many animal species from providing basic shade to providing nest material or even allowing a home to be built inside them. They offer camouflage to animals and are a primary food source for some. Without plants, beaches would probably be devoid of animal life.

Starting in late February and as the days grow longer and the sunlight gently toasts the sandy soil of Sullivan’s Island hundreds upon thousands of native wildflowers begin springing up along the sidewalks; Black Eyed Susans bursting with sun-bright yellows, Indian Blankets radiating every shade of the warm color spectrum from blood red to beaming yellow, and Daisies dancing, snow-white heads nodding in the ocean breeze.

Keep your eyes open while walking up any station to lead you to the beach. You will be surprised to see an amazing burst of colors of many varieties of flowers, grasses and vines.

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