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Date: Mon, Oct 31st 2016 9:43 am

For loyal Clemson fans, there is a new name for their beloved Tigers. They’re now known affectionately as the “Cardiac Cats”! Why? In the last 18 games decided by 7 points or less, Clemson’s record is an impressive 16-2.

This means that the fans should be getting used to close games. And, in some ways, we are. The coaches and players have proven that in close games, they will figure out a way to win. In fact, that is a motto for the each player and coach in the locker room and on the field. “Just find a way to win!” It has become ingrained in their thinking and attitudes. In close games, they don’t get rattled. They stay calm, super alert and focused.

The Tigers played their best in the fourth quarter, coming back from an 8 point deficit. With the score going back and forth in an action packed last quarter of football, Clemson scored to take the lead by 3 with 2:06 remaining. Florida State is an outstanding football program and they are always a contender in the ACC and on the national stage.

Could Clemson’s defense once again hold on to the lead or lose a heart breaker. Both teams had played their hearts out! As has become a custom with the Clemson defensive unit, they bowed up and played great defense with a strong effort from every player. Florida State had moved the ball very close to being within field goal range. Our defense had their backs to the wall. Could they pull out another miracle stand? They answered with two great quarterback sacks to move Florida State well out of field goal range and hold on to win the game.

Yep, they pulled out another great last minute win! So, it’s late and Clemson fans had a tough time getting to sleep….. again. But is it worth it? You bet it is!


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