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Posted By: Shay Edney In: Interior design
Date: Tue, Jan 17th 2017 7:06 pm


It's time to upgrade! Throw that tired, old rug out that's sitting in front of your kitchen sink and replace it with something that will get some attention. An eye catching runner is the perfect choice and there's about a million different options out there. Fat, skinny, long, high/low pile, any pattern, any color you want...

Other than a good cook, what does everyone want in their kitchen? A long kitchen island. It seems all new construction homes come with an eight foot or longer island. I have an eleven foot island and absolutely love it. Try adding a runner in place of a rug or mat behind the sink or the island. It's a perfect opportunity to add style to your space and get a few compliments while your at it.

Want to make the most impact? Go big! Get a runner that spans the entire length of the island to achieve the most dramatic look. I prefer similar shades or complimenting colors that already exist in the space but don't be afraid be a little bold. Don't go all highlighter though. I'm usually drawn to geometric patterns and rugs with muted tones with mix of sporadic colors. Not only does it look cool but it hides dirt too. It's harder to find things I like in stores or even find stores that have many selections but you can find a zillion great options online. Check this out one and let me know what you think?

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Shay Edney 
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