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Choosing Your Realtor

Posted By: In: First Time Buyer
Date: Thu, Apr 30th 2015 4:25 pm


Alyssa Puglise, AgentOwned Realty

Catch up with "So you want to by a house?

Five minutes after deciding that I wanted to buy a home, I had an Epiphany!  I knew next to nothing about how to buy a home.  

What steps would lead me to owning my dream home? The confusion caused from the over abundance of information on the web left me dazed and unsure.  I took a step back and looked online some more.  I was not going to give up so easily. I kept searching, and after a while, I noticed a pattern. Much more local information can be found on locally owned and operated company's sites than on the ones affiliated with the larger national companies. One company, one face kept showing up in my searches, AgentOwned Realty, and then it dawned on me. I happen to work for the same firm that I want assist me. That company is my first step. AgentOwned Realty knows the real estate here well and could help me with the other essentials I needed to buy a home. Now, I needed a Realtor at AgentOwned Realty to help me.

Every Realtor has a different area of expertise. I needed someone who works with first time home buyers in West Ashley, Charleston,  SC. Finding someone who will be the right fit for you can take some time and effort. And using a family member or a friend is great IF they are Liza Loadholt Valeroprofessional Realtors. If they do not work in the real estate world everyday, they will not know much more than me. Your relationship with your Realtor should be based on trust and communication. Pairing with someone who is aligned with your personality is extremely important, also. I wanted to be sure that I worked with an agent that is well versed in all aspects of the transaction, not just the real estate. I emailed Liza Loadholt Valero, who maintains and runs the website.  I knew she could tell me who to work with, who should represent me.  Email her and she will do the same for you! The best part? I'm meeting with my agent for the first time tomorrow and I couldn't be more thrilled to start this journey.

Tune in tomorrow and I will introduce you to my agent! Exciting, right?