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Posted By: Robert Judy In: Charleston Beaches
Date: Thu, Feb 9th 2017 10:24 am

Charleston is known for its historic city, good-natured people, and great weather. But as everyone knows if you come to Charleston, you have to stop by one of our five unique beaches. The first beach I will be talking about in this five part series is Kiawah Island.

Kiawah Island

Just twenty five minutes from the pulsing energy of downtown Charleston, Kiawah Island is flourishing with untouched natural beauty as well as a renowned hospitality for those seeking a retreat into adventure and luxury. Kiawah's five championship courses make it South Carolina's crown jewel of golf, and the magnificent Kiawah Island Golf Resort exemplifies Southern comfort in all of its splendor.

To go along with its 10 miles of beaches, Kiawah Island's features perfectly preserved maritime forests, sand dunes, and marshes where turtles, whitetail deer, and seabirds roam freely. If you feel like Kiawah Island would perfect for you or your family, let me know and I would be happy to give you a tour!

Written by: Robert Judy