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Charleston, the home of pirates and ghosts

Posted By: Ute Appleby In: Charleston history and stories
Date: Thu, Sep 1st 2016 11:33 am

Ute Appleby -- cemetery showing tomb stonesCharleston was at one time in history the home of pirates, lots of them ! And​ their ghosts and others, those are still living among us, in cemeteries, in houses, in hotels, in alley ways, in parks. Don't be afraid. Most of them are friendly. At night, you can hear them talk and laugh ! This is no joke. I heard their voices myself, saw their shadows and felt their soft touch on my shoulders while walking down a narrow alley d'town Charleston.

The City shows off proudly all kind of signs of past history including signs of pirate history, of the  Civil War, of  fires, and hurricanes, of plantation times and so we have a huge amount of very very old sites which seem, sometimes at night, come to life. Pirates in Charleston enjoyed their life here, the rich city, the perfect location to capture sailors and trade ships. And many of these pirates ended up at White Point Garden right at the Battery where one can smell the ocean and hear the sounds of the wind and sea birds and sometimes, when all is quiet, the sound of the cannon balls. It is a park where many pirates were hung, among them Stede Bonnet who was called the "gentleman pirate" and his crew, as well as the pirate Richard Worley.  

The most famous pirate of them all, "Blackbeard",  captured Charleston without firing a shot in 1718, and held the town hostage for several days while awaiting needed supplies. The story of Blackbeard is a story so interesting that I recommend it to anyone to read.  

One can easily find the signs of piracy in Charleston in the architecture of two buildings in the French Quarter, the Pirate House, and the Pink House, which was once a brothel serving the culinary needs and vices of pirates.

Several companies in Charleston offer pirate and ghosts tours, a must participate event when visiting our City.

If you need more info and tips for tours:  check in with me at or search for a home on my website and if you are lucky, you find one with a friendly ghost.