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Charleston Sights and History - McLeod Plantation (1851 to recent times)

Posted By: Gary Buchanan In: Charleston history and stories
Date: Sun, May 14th 2017 8:48 am

If you are looking for an easy activity to get you out of the house and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather we are lucky to have here in Charleston, then check out the McLeod Plantation on James Island.  It is easy to get to (turn left as you are cross the Wappoo Creek into James Island).  This plantation is full of history as you can imagine.  The tour focuses on the McLeod family and the slave families during the years of 1851 to 1990.  As we all know there was a lot of change over these years and they try to explain a lot of the conflicts of everyday people trying to live their lives.

The plantation has the McLeod home which has been restored and it has many of the original homes for the enslaved.  These homes were later used by soldiers and then they were used as Transition homes after people were freed.  This plantation also boasts one of the oldest trees (McLeod Oak) in the United States (over 600 yrs old).

You can take a tour on your own, or walk with one of the local guides.  It will take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on your interest and curiosity. 

Let me know if you have any questions on how to get to McLeod Plantation or any other questions on Real Estate in the Low Country.

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