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Charleston's Legendary LowCountry Poet

Posted By: Donna Andreano In: Charleston history and stories
Date: Fri, May 19th 2017 4:07 pm

Ask anyone in Charleston's Upper Peninsula who the local poet/artist is and you'll hear a quick reply, "P-Nut".  Born Joseph William Johnson, I'm not sure many people know his real name. He's a happy, polite, caring, friendly, artist, poet, social, neighborhood Legend. He has a story for every painting and every poem he writes tells a story.

We met P-Nut when we moved into the neighborhood about six months ago and have enjoyed his friendly nature and company since. He's true to himself, an individual. He notices the good and not so good in the world and puts it on paper and canvas. He tells it like it is.

He told us about the shows he's put on in the past and we were happy to be able to attend his latest show a few doors down from his home in North Central. He shared newspaper articles and photos about his artful past. 

Charleston has a lot of history, that's for sure but, not all of it is written in the school text books. I'd love to introduce you to P-Nut and his works. I can also get you a copy of his book of poems. He's getting into the age of social media so you can 'Like' him on his Facebook page:  P-Nut Facebook P-Nut 'Legendary' LowCountry Poet  

Donna Andreano