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Charleston Historic paint colors - what is Charleston Green ?

Posted By: Ute Appleby In: Charleston history and stories
Date: Mon, Aug 29th 2016 10:23 am

Charleston: history and beauty and colors ! 

There are a lot of historic homes d'town Charleston and our city is known for its beautiful architecture. The Charleston Preservation Society plays a great part in preserving our history and architecture and I am a proud member of this organization.

One very unique addition to some of Charlestons homes are little outbuilding which have survived all manner of historic events, including the Civil War, Restoration, and the difficult times after Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

Ute Appleby - door painted Charleston GreenOne unique thing you might have seen or heard about are the "Charleston historic colors" and in particular the "Charleston Green" . What is this color ? Is it green or is it black ?  The most prominent oral history tells is that it has something to do with Union troops sending down buckets of black paint to help the economically decimated city keep up appearances. True to form, colorful Charlestonians added green and yellow paint to the buckets, creating a brighter version of the funereal black. Per our history books, it is a mixture of the following:  

Charleston Green
10 ounces black paint
4 ounces green paint
½ ounce yellow paint 

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