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Charleston First Time Home Buyers…. Don’t make these mistakes… Especially #5 & #8! (Part 1 of 2)

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Date: Sat, Aug 27th 2016 2:46 pm

Charleston First Time Home Buyers….   Don’t make these mistakes… Especially #5 & #8!  

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New Home Buyers Mistakes

So you’re thinking of buying your first home, now what?    Well most of the time new buyers will start looking at homes to get an idea of what they like and areas they may wish to live in.     It’s a great idea for new home buyers to get a feel for the market and learn about areas of interest.    Here is a list of common mistakes homebuyers make, especially first time homebuyers.    

  1. Often continue to Rent when they can Buy for less! Home Ownership has never been more affordable, especially for home buyers who qualify for many of the Zero down or low down mortgages.
  2. Fail to get help of Qualified Real Estate Agent early in the process. -  Let your Real Estate Agent help guide you through the process and help you to reduce or eliminate costly mistakes.     I suggest you meet with 2-3 Agents in your desired area.  Family, Friends, Co-workers are not always the best option. 
  3. Common mistake new home buyers make is to look before they are qualified and therefore aren’t really sure what kind of home they can afford. I suggest to all my first time homebuyers to first meet with a qualified Mortgage professional to get pre-approved.   Yes, Pre-approved, not qualified.   Today, Sellers much prefer a buyer whom is serious and has taken the time to be pre-approved. 
  4. Most of us want to get the house of our dreams right away. Well, first time homebuyers fail to decide what the most important things that a new home must have are.   We usually can’t have everything, especially on a tight budget.    Therefore, make sure you choose the items that are needs and not just want.    Having a pool is a normally a want, not a need.   Being in a good School District is a need.     You need to spend time with your Agent to get things started off correctly.   Your Agent will work hard for you as long as you are responsive and focused as well.   Ask to schedule time with to go through the process and what to expect.   Don’t be caught off guard!  
  5. Now that you’ve got your list of house needs, like area, price range, bedrooms, baths, schools, etc, it’s time to start looking at homes. Remember, you’re going shopping for a house and just like shopping, if you see something that you REALLY like, you need to be prepared to make an offer that day!.     Far too often, new homebuyers want to think things over and they end up losing out on the home because the home went under contract before they acted.     If you’re not ready,  just drive to view homes on the list your agent provides.   Let them know which homes you really like and want  to see. 

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