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Charleston Digital Corridor – Helping Our Community

Posted By: Joe Parks In: Low Country Living
Date: Thu, Feb 23rd 2017 10:53 am

For many of us, the discovery of the tech community and its presence in our wonderful area creates both interest and questions. Most of us are computer literate out of necessity. But, it is primarily for enjoyment or to function in our business and commerce. For a relative few however, the question is “How can I participate”? For many of us who are beyond 40 years of age, we are generally satisfied to be able to move about in tech land to accomplish our needed tasks as well as enjoy ourselves. As a rule, the “younger generation” is, more computer literate. Each generation is more advanced than its predecessor. And folks, it is becoming more pronounced with each passing generation.

So, for someone wanting to make their tech passion their career, the CDC has created a platform from which to launch. This educational opportunity is called CODEcamp.

We are going to explore CODEcamp in the next post.

One might ask “What does this have to do with real estate”? Directly …. Nothing. But indirectly, a more educated population generally fairs better economically. And, that means they are more likely to buy homes. They also benefit the entire local economy which adds buying power and positively affects all commerce within our area.

So, stay tuned and, as always, I hope to hear from you as well as assist with all of your real estate needs.

Joe Parks

Realtor/ Broker

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