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Charleston and the low country, we are growing, where are you going?

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Date: Thu, Jul 21st 2016 12:20 pm

Lets face it, as far out as an hours drive, we here in the low country define ourselves as "Charleston" much as people identify themselves as "New York City" who may not even live in the state of NY! While meeting people around town and while traveling I think its more than just a simple answer to say "I'm from Charleston" to refer to the tri-county area and beyond. Charleston is a place, a feeling, pride, a way of life; things are slower here, people are more polite here, where a couple and a few are precise numbers. There are so many idioms that make us...Charleston. And you know the next question..."Born and Raised?" As for myself, I moved here just before I was two years old as my father began his career as many did at the Shipyard. So yes I am "from Charleston" its home and its all I know and I've lived here all my life. Specifically I'm from Hanahan, after a few years away at college I returned to Hanahan to raise my family here in our great city and to call Charleston home.
Specifically Berkeley county, it's is an amazing place during an amazing time. Business and housing are thriving. Google, Blackbaud, Benefitfocus, SPARC on the technology front, materials industry supported by BP, DuPont, Nucor Steel to Century Aluminum and JW Aluminum, and DAK Americas, and now with Volvo's first North American plant coming in the next year. On the Housing front Cane Bay, Carnes Crossroads, and Nexton are huge developments that could bring as many as a staggering 75,000 new residents to the area.
Traffic! Yes as any quickly growing area and with inherent infrastructure issues, where are these additional commuters, trucking and transportation going to go? Well, from 7-9 am and 4-7pm just look to your left right and out your windshield and you can see they are already arriving. This brings me to my point, as a Realtor, make a smart move. You can't buy time-its a precious resource. If you are considering moving here to "Charleston", or if you are relocating within the area, lets talk about where the best fit for your lifestyle may be.

Jared Ortega.

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