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Buy Local Seafood!

Posted By: Brad Thompson In: Buy Local
Date: Tue, Jul 11th 2017 2:06 pm

One of the biggest benefits to living in the Lowcountry, particularly for those living in (or looking to live in) Sweetgrass and it’s surrounding neighborhoods, is the proximity they have to the ocean and the fresh local seafood which comes from it. Unfortunately, many residents simply purchase their seafood from the grocery store, where they are lucky to even find seafood harvested in the United States, let alone South Carolina. Fortunately, there are several opportunities for residents of the Lowcountry to get their hands on supremely fresh and local seafood.

Fresh local shrimp may be one of the best and most sought after seafood items harvested in the Lowcountry. Most grocery stores, however, do not stock the shrimp being caught right in their backyard. Luckily, locals have other options. Perhaps the most direct way to purchase fresh shrimp directly from those catching them is to join the Facebook group “TEAM MAGWOOD”. It is a public group that anyone with a Facebook account can join. On it, this Captain Wayne Magwood and his family/friends post when they have fresh shrimp, for how much, and where to find them. And often times they were just caught that morning. They take orders via comments on the page, as well as occasionally giving phone numbers to text or call with orders. As a repeat customer, I can not only vouch for the quality, but almost without fail they have large shrimp for $7/lb with heads on, or $11/lb with heads off. Also without fail, there will almost always be someone selling at the corner of Coleman Boulevard and Mill Street starting at 9 a.m. (they also can be found these days at Eclectic Finds off 17). I would not make shrimp and grits again without giving them a shot first...

If you are looking for some fresh seafood other than shrimp, you may have to travel a little further, unfortunately. There is Mount Pleasant Seafood on Shem Creek, however, if they do not have what you are looking for, you may have to cross over to the peninsula to Seafood Alley on Spring Street, which has a great reputation, as well as Huff’s Seafood on Folly Road (admittedly a bit of a hike). However, the bottom line is if you are lucky enough to live in Sweetgrass and the surrounding areas, take advantage of the bounty around you. You are not only supporting a local business, but you are truly getting a superior product. Now go make some shrimp and grits and let me know how it turns out!

Team Magwood 

Mount Pleasant Seafood - (843) 884-4122

Seafood Alley - (843) 724-8257

Huff's Seafood - (843) 762-1989