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Birds of prey on the island

Posted By: Meghan Lacey In: 3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Home
Date: Wed, Oct 19th 2016 10:02 am

The bald eagle is a bird of prey from North America. It is an opportunistic feeder which feeds on mainly on fish. They swoop down and snatch them from the water with their talons. They build the largest nest of any other bird. They get their name from having a "white head". Adults are mainly brown with a white head and white tail. You typically can not tell the difference between the two sexes, but females are 25% larger. During breeding season, they are seen the most. 

After the recent hurricane, I was lucky enough to catch a picture of this beauty. He was hanging out on Church Creek off of Chisolm Road. My daughter and I watched him for 30 minutes. He was watching the sea life from his pine tree. We were amazed at his beauty. Interested in owning a part of this wildlife? Call me 843-814-0125!