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Bill Murray Film Festival – Charleston, SC

Posted By: Gary Buchanan In: Charleston Events
Date: Tue, Sep 5th 2017 8:53 am

Well, officially it is called The Summer of Bill.  The opening was at The Charleston Music Hall on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 and the goal was to show all the fans of Bill Murray some of the favorites.  There was one caveat though as mentioned during the Opening, that Bill said they had to show some of Bill’s failures.  For the Opening they had to show one of the Best….Caddyshack.  What a classic.  Here is the list that was presented:

  1. The Razor's Edge, June 6
  2. Ghostbusters, June 14
  3. Rushmore, June 29
  4. Lost in Translation, July 26
  5. Broken Flowers, Aug. 2
  6. The Life Aquatic, Aug. 20

I am writing this blog now as my wife and I were at the last day of The Summer of Bill watching The Life Aquatic (Wes Anderson film).  It was Sunday, August 20th, right before the Full Eclipse on Monday, August 21st

All in all it was a great time seeing all the shows (missed a few in between due to schedule conflicts) and thanks to all that were involved.  Also note that there was a small art gallery in the lobby of The Charleston Music Hall for each of the movies.  Local artists were asked to provide movie relevant paintings and misc items (props, etc).  Check out a few of the photos on my website here:

Next up, be on the lookout for all kinds of Wes Anderson movies (filmmaker/writer ex: The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox and more).  Some people love his works and others are not that interested.  I will give it another try, as the experience is just an easy night out. 

I hope this was of interest to you and always think of me if you are looking to buy/sell real estate in the Charleston Area. 

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