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Best Day to List Your Home?

Posted By: Liza Valero In: Real Estate Industry News
Date: Thu, Oct 20th 2011 11:47 am

Is any day of the week better than another to put your home on the market?


A new study, as reported by Inman news, says that there is. If you list you home and put it in your local MLS on Friday, your home statistically should be shown more than homes put on the market on any other day. Why would that be?

Older home with brown brick first floor and big front porchIt may have something to do with people preparing to look at homes over the weekend. If they get a list of available homes, they may look at the ones most currently listed and try to go to them first. There is a since of urgency trying to get to the good deals before others can get there. The same holds for people automatically alerted to new listings that meet their criteria through emails from websites. They are more likely to look at homes on the weekend. The ones listed on Friday are the freshest and therefor they will want to see them first. 

There is a slight increase in the number of times a listing is viewed online if it is put in on Sunday.   Real Estate websites see the most traffic on Monday mornings, so again the freshness plays a roll here. But the page view increase is very slight and would not make up for the extra interest obtained over the weekend by adding it on Friday.

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