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Best Burger Spots Near The Old Village

Posted By: Patrick Gallant In: The Old Village Mount Pleasant
Date: Thu, Feb 23rd 2017 10:46 am

The Old Village is conveniently located to many of Mount Pleasant's nicest restaurants. Many of these restaurants are fine dining establishments serving seafood, southern cuisine or their own niche cuisine, but not all of them offer Americans staple food...burgers. Let's take a look at some of the best places within walking distance to the Old Village to grab a good burger. Many places simply offer burgers because they are popular and are an easy alternative to offer for those who don't care for sea food or other cuisines, but I want to focus on places where people go to get burgers. The Shelter has 6 different signature burger options that are all delicious...especially on Tuesday when they are half off! My Fathers Mustache is right along side The Shelter given their high quality burgers and also providing the half off special on Tuesday. Arts Bar and Grill is more commonly known for their wings and other pub grub but their inexpensive burgers are always satisfying. Finz is another local gem that offers incredibly pleasing burger options at competitive rates. The Coleman Public House has quickly become my favorite place to get a burger in the Old Village area. They seem to use a higher quality of meat and have very tasty/unique options. Expect to spend a few dollars more for their burgers but you will NOT be disappointed. The newest spot on this list and the only one with the topic in their name is Burger Fi. Their style is similar to Five Guys, however this chain has far superior quality. Don't expect for fries to be included as all their delicious sides are extra. Triangle Char Bar is another establishment that offers quality burgers. I particularly enjoy one of their burgers that is served between two grilled cheese sandwiches. This place is primarily a burger joint but do NOT go there on Sunday brunch and expect to get one because they are NOT on the menu. Trust me, I learned the hard way. It's clear that there are no shortages of excellent places to enjoy Americans signature food item. Make sure to try all these glorious, local hot spots so you can acquire an opinion of your own. For me, burgers aren't just food...they're a lifestyle. So go live and go eat! For more information on local burgers joints, real estate inquiries and things Old Village call Pat Gallant at 843-790-4PAT!