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Avondale/West Ashley -VS- Mount Pleasant Continued

Posted By: Gary Buchanan In: Charleston SC Neighborhoods
Date: Sun, Aug 6th 2017 10:04 am

I want to continue with my discussion from last week.  There was a lot to discuss and the post was getting quite long.  So again, if you are looking at Retirement in the coming years, the question comes down to How Much you want to spend on a home and How Much you want to leave for your retirement activities/fun.  In one scenario, I am suggesting you may have a Home Budget of $500,000 and you would really like to pay cash so you don’t worry about any house payments in your retirement. 

  1. Pleasant – There are many homes you can buy for around $500,000. I just did a search and there are 159 homes for sale in the price range of $400,000 - $525,000.
    1. If we query all those homes for Master Bedroom Downstairs, then we get the count down to 73 homes.
    2. If we query the size of the house to be only 1200 sqft to 1800 sqft we get 7 homes in that price range.
    3. Let’s say we only want 3 Bedrooms (no less and no more), then the count is only 5 homes
  2. Avondale/West Ashley – A very small section of West Ashley, is showing a total of 46 homes for sale.
    1. Let’s query for homes from 1200sqft – 1800sqft. That number now is only 18 homes for sale.
    2. If we put the 3 bedrooms only search in, then number goes to 14 homes.
    3. As I review the 14 homes I am seeing they are all single story homes (most of what West Ashely has), so no worries about making the query for First Floor Master Bedrooms.
    4. Also note that I did not put a price range in and the Prices for these 14 homes range from $215,000 to $459,000.

What does the above analysis suggest then.?  My take is that you can get a very nice home that is close to downtown Charleston (closer by far when comparing to Mt. Pleasant) in Avondale/West Ashley.  You will spend much less and then have a lot left over for your Retirement Fun (vacations, boat, new car, etc).

Next week I will give some more examples of how to make your money last in Retirement.

If you are interested in seeing other options for your Retirement Living, please give me a call/email/text.  I am happy to show you some new Ideas.

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