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Avondale Surrounding Neighborhoods

Posted By: Gary Buchanan In: Charleston SC Neighborhoods
Date: Thu, Jun 29th 2017 2:21 pm

Again I will focus on this area just over the Ashley River from downtown Charleston (Avondale Area), as it still gets people confused.  I think people are using the word “Avondale” as a general Area and not an exact area in some cases.  So, for the next few blog posts, I will again try to help you see a more vivid idea of where Avondale begins and other neighborhoods are as you cross over the Ashley River Bridge.

For starters, let’s stay West (upside) of Highway 17 (Savannah Highway), as that is where Avondale really resides (not East of the Savannah Highway).  So, when you come into this area on Highway 17 from downtown Charleston (going over the Ashley River bridge), you first get to the Moreland neighborhood (on your right as you are driving South on Highway 17).  You then go only 2 blocks or so (south on Highway 17) and you see the Moore-Morton neighborhood (again on the right), according to one map that our friends at have outlined (link to blog post a few weeks ago, which shows a few maps of this area).

It is interesting when you get out and about to see neighborhoods in general, as you really learn a lot and see so much.  In my case, we found out that Moore-Morton refers to a couple of the streets in this neighborhood.  More importantly though, when you enter this neighborhood you are greeted by signage welcoming you to the Westwood Neighborhood. 

Next week I will continue heading south on Highway 17 and help point out Where Avondale actually is.  I hope this is helpful and if you want to know more about the area, just give me a call.

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