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AgentOwned Realty has a new Site!

Posted By: Liza Valero In: About AgentOwned Realty
Date: Thu, Apr 2nd 2015 4:26 pm

AgentOwned Realty logoIt has been a while coming but, 

We just finished putting our new dynamic web design on

and it looks really neat. There are still a few things to iron our here and there, but for the most part, it is exceeding my expectations.

IGoogle Analytics logo will keep a close eye on the Google analytics to make sure that the new design is actually better than the old. Just because it is new, and Google supposedly likes it better for SEO, does not mean that perform as well as the old design did.

The website has been generating quality leads for our agents, at no cost to them, for a few years now. I hate to mess with success, but our time spent on the site by mobile phone users kept dropping, while the number of the user kept increasing. I think that says "It is time to change!"

Odd that I am going through this little bit of tech drama, when much of the real estate world's tech giants are battling it out as if they were on the Game of Thrones. Part of what I do for the company is to help with Zillow/Trulia/ relations. Our local MLS (Charleston Trident Association of Realtors) switched venders late in 2014, so we have that piled up with the rest.

The Zillow/Trulia/ situation is so messed up, it makes me wonder if they will ever be able to fix it so our listing data is shown correctly? I think we are right on the edge of the cliff with these companies. There are so many mistakes in the data feeds now and it will only get worse. Trying to report problems to them seems ridiculously futile. I don't know if they are going to be able to get their acts back together.

Realtor.Com logoTrulia Logozillo logo

It would be interesting if they did and the same if they did not. I am grateful that I am only an intermediary, although one that is trying to field globs of unanswerable questions.

What do you think of the giant's battle?