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AgentOwned Realty and Myrsol Premium Websites

Posted By: Liza Valero In: About AgentOwned Realty
Date: Sun, Feb 13th 2011 7:01 am

After extensively researching all the available options for our Agent-Owners' websites, we have added another level to the websites we offer. Our wordpress platform and sites will remain intact, with one significant advancement, and we now are offering a premium website with a fully integrated IDX search on the Myrsol platform.

Our sites are still available to every Agent-Owner at  No Charge, with no limits to the number of sites they build on the platform. The only difference is that we now are going to have a Myrsol framed MLS IDX property search rather than the one that we were building in house. Even though we are outsourcing this framed IDX Myrsol, the sites are still No Charge for all of our Agent-Owners.

Now, in addition to the sites, Agent-Owners can have a premium Myrsol website that includes a fully integrated MLS IDX property search. There is a monthly fee for these sites, but they are incredibly reasonable and will be put on your ledger. I am convinced that both wordpress (which is the platform) and Myrsol websites are the strongest possible SEO solutions available.

So you may ask why would I want to get a Myrsol one when AgentOwned offers a No Charge option. The answer is that it really is personal preference. The Myrsol premium sites are fully integrated IDXs, which is stronger than the framed IDX that you would get with the No Charge sites. The premium Myrsol sites are slightly easier to work with, but both have a steep learning curve if you are starting at ground zero.

If you do not want to have to do anything with your site, then you could get either one and once it is set up, never look at it again. You won't be able to collect new business that way, but either would produce a nice web presence for you. If you do want to learn we have many resources:

  • Friday webinars that focus on different topics for the premium Myrsol sites
  • Myrsol tutorials
  • An Agent-Owner Resource page that will house recorded webinars
  • site that house many helpful tips for the premium sites
  • has mountains of information about how to build your No Charge site
  • And one on one support with Travis and Myself here to answer questions or just do things for you if you don't feel like learning how to do it yourself

To request either of these types of sites, fill in this request form. You can actually have one of each, just fill in the form twice.

Let us know if you have questions or suggestions. We would love to hear from you. And check out the, we are very proud.