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5 Top Reasons Why Kids Should Know Self-Defense

Posted By: Anna Rose In: Martial Arts
Date: Wed, Nov 8th 2017 9:40 pm

5 Top Reasons Why Kids Should Know Self-Defense

               As an advocate speaker for #MartialArts, I feel that children can gain so much from knowing self-defense.  It’s our jobs as adults to provide the resources so kids can gain character development.  Here are 5-Top Reason to Why Kids Should Know Self-Defense:

  • Helps kids stay active. Children have so much energy.  Use this energy to their advantage.  Self-Defense helps children improve on strength, speed, cardio, and reaction power.
  • Kids understand discipline and respect.
  • Builds Confidence. Self-Defense shows children new skills constantly.  New skills bring confidence.
  • Teaches Awareness. It’s about staying safe.  Self-Defense teaches kids how to use their senses to lookout for themselves and others that could mean danger.
  • Self-Control. Self-Defense offers other solutions to address bullies without someone getting hurt.

With the housing market booming, several new Martial Art Schools have promotions going on for Self-Defense classes. Now might be the time to check out a class!

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