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5 Tips for Keeping Dogs Cool

Posted By: Melinda Cook In: Dog Friendly Living
Date: Tue, Jul 25th 2017 4:07 pm

The Dog Days of Summer

The effect of summer heat is never more apparent than in the personality of a dog. The norm of calling, begging and bribing them with treats to come inside is gone. Gone is their normal exuberance of freedom when I open the house door. No more tripping over them in their mad dash to exit the house.

Big Dog who refuses to come inside during the rest of the year ventures out to do his business and check the perimeters of the property before lumbering back inside to lay down on the cool concrete floor.

The Little Weasel with his short coat of hair endures the heat wave with a little more enthusiasm chasing the neighbor's cat off the property for a short period of time. But, he too, lacks the usual burst of energy out the door and in-depth exploration of the yard.

Then, there is My Precious. My very hairy, very bratty prince of the manor who refuses to leave the cool confines of the cottage. With much coaxing, he eventually ventures out the door only as far as necessary to "water my flowers".

Attempting to complete outdoor chores becomes a hassle as 3 pitiful dogs whine and scratch at my legs begging to be taken inside. There is an upside, however. During this time of the year I do not have to fight to leave the house without one of them squeezing through the door. They simply lie on the cool floor wagging their tails and following me with their eyes as I exit the house.

My Furbabies have the luxury to stay inside while I'm away from the house. If yours is not so lucky please, take steps to keep them comfortable while outside.

Tips for keeping your dog cool in the summer:

  1. Give access to plenty of clean water AND lots of shade
  2. Walk dogs in early morning and late evenings
  3. Avoid hot pavement that can burn their paws pads
  4. Set up a kiddie pool for them when outside
  5. Never leave your dog unattended in a parked car

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